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DatafyIt Consultants is the pioneer of organised recruitment in USA. Our roots in management consulting enable us to bring a unique approach to recruitment.

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Building Careers. Building Organisations.

Founded in 2022 DatafyIt is the pioneer of organized recruitment services in USA. we have acted as preferred talent acquisition partners to multinationals and leading USA businesses to emerge as the leading talent solutions provider in USA. This combined with our role as trusted consultants for USA professionals translates into our core capability - Building Careers. Building Organisations.

DatafyIt roots in management consulting bring a unique approach to recruitment at senior and middle management levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help both companies and professionals fulfil their potential and achieve maximum productivity and profitability through our Professional HR Consulting and Recruitment solutions.

Our Vision

To provide a unique range of Strategic HR and recruitment solutions that provide value to our clients.


We offer a wide range of customized, high-quality, research-based talent consulting services. We are uniquely well-positioned to help address your talent needs by leveraging our know-how, relationships and service capabilities.

Sourcing Candidates

IT recruiters may work on attracting applicants passively, or may activelyreach out to prospective employees individually.

Screening Candidates

Once an individual expresses interest and enters the application process, recruiters screen the candidate for the client company's job requirements and qualifications, as well as checking to ensure a good fit with company culture.

Arranging Interviews

If the candidate passes the initial stage of assessment, the recruiter arranges interviews between the job candidate and key staff within the client company.

Coordinating Compensation Packages

After the decision is made to offer the position to the candidate, the recruiter explains the compensation package the company is offering and helps navigate any negotiation over salary and other benefits.

Companies Recruiters Work With

Working with a wide range of companies, since nearly every industry, from media to commerce, requires IT employees. Including both permanent positions and temporary, project-based jobs.

24/7 Support

24-7 provides DatafyIT HR Consulting services can help you navigate anywhere in the world at any time. A team of experienced and dynamic HR Professionals makes Shrofile a leading result oriented HR Consulting firm in USA.

Why DatafyIT HR Consultancy

You want results. DatafyIT studies the organization’s HR needs and addresses them with relevant practices designed to bring predictable and measurable results. The goal is to identify the weak points of HR process and develop solutions that increase its cost-effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.

Productivity is critical for efficient HR process that keeps the company moving forward. Our team increase the workflow’s productivity through carefully chosen tools and procedures that address recurrent and emerging needs.

Enabling back-and-forth communication between the employer and employees is critical for maintaining a healthy working environment. Our team develops a communication system that keeps every employee of the company on the same page and provides a platform to express their thoughts and opinions to the company.

We are responsive and flexible mid-sized research and consulting firm. We focus on streamlining HR workflow and making it cost-effective by implementing clear-cut flows with lean and adaptable solutions.

Automation is the key towards supercharging the workflow efficiency. However, not every workflow can benefit from it.

Our team helps to determine which elements of the workflow can benefit from automation.

We map out the possibilities and helps choose the effective recruiting automation solutions (both ATS and CRM) that fit the HR needs and elevate the client’s workflow on a new level.


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